who is behind all this

"Hariprem Films was established in 2008 with registration no. 08028-21000029 and now we are offering a full range of audio & video production services including Commercial Videos,Educational Videos,Advertisement, Digital Audio Recording, Television Production, Animation,Recently we opened a complete sound proof digital recording studio with advanced post production facilities. This studio is just another step towards the dream of consolidating Hariprem Films & Digital Recording Studio as the most complete and latest technology in this area."

Hariprem Films has its roots in a proprietary firm – ‘Hariprem Studio’, which started functioning in 2008 in a small space of 400 sq. ft. Though small, the setup gained immense popularity among musicians and film and theater personalities in the region. However, being a setup in a residential premise, there were no restrictions on the operating hours. In-spite of this, Hariprem Films managed to work for many advertisement and music projects including the international projects French Documentary “Self Empowerment”.

The increasing demand, however, forced HP Studio to move on to a bigger setup in a short time span of 2 years. A bungalow in Partapur, Banswara was now the new home for the new company ‘Hariprem Films’ In addition to a small and simple recording setup, we hosted a state-of-the-art music recording studio and a facility for video editing to cater to the needs of increasing production houses and advertising agencies in Banswara and the rest of Rajasthan.

Hariprem Films offers an integrated solution for music and audio production, bringing together the Top-of-the-line Technology and Client Comfort in one sweet space. Whether you want to record an album, produce a movie soundtrack or record audio for commercials and games, we take care of everything.

Hariprem FIlms has successfully completed 7 years and earned a reputation in the music industry for its talented and dedicated staff and quality work. It has set a benchmark by their expertise in the field of Sound Design and Music Production. With the experience of this paradigm, Hariprem FIlms has come up with a state-of-the-art facility, one of its kinds in Banswara. It is the first setup in Banswara.